CFD Expiration Dates

Trading CFDs carries risk and could result in the loss of your deposit, please trade wisely.
CFD instruments will be rolled over on the expiration dates as per the table below.
Please note that:
  • Positions open at 21:00 GMT on the expiration date will be adjusted via a swap charge or credit to reflect the difference in price between the expiring and new contracts
  • To avoid CFD rollovers, clients can close their CFD positions before the expiration date.
  • Any existing pending order(s) (i.e. Stop Loss, Take Profit, Entry Stop or Entry Limit) placed on an instrument is automatically removed on the expiration date at 21:00 GMT.


Rollover during change of contract for 1 lot Buy on Brent Oil, spread is 5 pips and Swap is -0.5537 point


Instrument  Old contract price New contract price      Difference Currency


Here are the calculations for swap amount:


 Charge    Calculation    Amount in USD               
Swaps totalCFD Rollover + Swaps + Spread Charge324.463
CFD Rollovervolume*contract size*price difference380
SwapsSwaps*contract size*volume*days-5.537
Spread Charge Spread*volume*contract size-50

Platform NameActual Expiration date Roll over date
Cocoa13/12 (2/11)2nd November 2018
Cotton6/12 (9/11)9th November 2018
Coffee18/12 (9/11)9th November 2018
Copper27/12 (27/11)23rd November 2018
Wheat14/12 (23/11)23rd November 2018
Corn 14/12 (23/11)23rd November 2018
06/12 (30/11)30th November 2018


Platform NameActual Expiration dateRoll over date
Soybeans14/01 (21/12)21-Dec
Rice14/01 (21/12)21-Dec
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Risk Warning: Trading CFDs is risky and can result in the loss of your invested capital. Please ensure that you understand the risk involved and do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Read full Risk Disclosure Statement .Coverdeal Holdings Ltd is regulated by CySEC under License No. 231/14
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