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CFDs on Indices are OTC leveraged financial instruments the value of which is determined based on the movement of the value of the underlying index futures adjusted to their fair value. The Client makes a profit or a loss on the CFD based on the direction chosen (Buy or Sell) and the value of the underlying index futures. The amount of profit or loss is determined based on the value of the underlying index futures at the opening of a position and its value at closing of the same position. The Product is settled in cash only and the Client has no rights whatsoever on the actual underlying asset.

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CFDs on Indices list of products


SymbolLeverage (max)Swap LongSwap ShortMax Order SizeSize of 1 LotAvg. SpreadTrading Hours
100UK1:20-73.045-52.175510010023:05 -21:15 , 21:30 - 22:00
AUS2001:20-68.744-22.915101008022:55 - 05:30 , 06:15 - 20:00
DE301:20-82.165-82.165510030023:05 -21:15 , 21:30 - 22:00
DollarIndex1:10-1.369-0.1951001,000501:05 - 21:55
EU501:20-25.675-25.6751010015007:01 - 21:00
FRA401:20-43.937-42.496510010023:05 -21:15 , 21:30 - 22:00
HK331:10-246.225-175.8755100100001:15 - 04:00 , 05:02 - 08:30 , 09:15 - 15:59
JPN2251:20-149.252-139.623101,000150023:00 - 21:59
N251:10-4.246-4.1071001002507:02 - 20:59
SPA351:10-89.004-89.004310070007:05 - 18:59
SWI201:10-96.969-96.96910010060007:05 - 20:55
US1001:20-110.951-15.85510035023:05 - 21:15 , 21:30 - 21:59
US301:20-359.552-51.364210030023:05 - 21:15 , 21:30 - 21:59
US5001:20-38.921-5.561010010023:05 - 21:15 , 21:30 - 21:59

*Swap charges: X3 swap charge applied on Friday
**Spreads are floating and can vary with market liquidity and volatility

Your capital is at risk. We cover you with negative balance protection.

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Risk Warning: Trading CFDs is risky and can result in the loss of your invested capital. Please ensure that you understand the risk involved and do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Read full Risk Disclosure Statement .Coverdeal Holdings Ltd is regulated by CySEC under License No. 231/14
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