Trading Central

Market Research with Trading Central

All active Globtrex traders have free access to Trading Central market analysis. Trading Central is a leading provider of financial charts and analysis, that helps users identify trading opportunities.


Receive industry news directly from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Watch daily videos with market commentary, actionable trade ideas, and coverage on global equities, foreign exchange, and commodities from professional reporters.

Compatible with Indigo

With Globtrex you can install the Trading Central plugin on your Indigo trading platform in order to directly receive the most up to date technical analysis and charts. View the latest news and data without leaving the Indigo platform allows you to conveniently make informed trading decisions.

Daily Technical Analysis

Reports prepared by leading Trading Central analysts are sent directly to your inbox twice a day. Review insightful commentary on current foreign exchange pairs and investments to assist you in making informed trading decisions.

Adaptive Candlestick Charts

Access candlestick charts in order to identify significant changes in supply and demand on the markets. Trading Central filters the most relevant patterns to easily determine the current market standings.

Analyst Views

Pattern recognition software the combines the experience of senior analysts and automated algorithms. Analyst views Continuously reviews and tracks of over 8000 financial instruments around the world.

Adaptive Divergence Convergence

ADC is a tool used for short term trading, as it offers the most up to date long and short signals. Trading opportunities are identified based on multiple components including price oscillators, indicators, and price lines.

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